Professional Services

Datalake IT Advisors provides support to many aspects of any small business network. Whether you choose Managed Services or Hourly/Break-Fix from our contract options, the following areas represent the technology services we can provide.

Computer Networks

  • Windows & Apple support
  • PC/Mac setup & configuration
  • Switch and Router setup & configuration
  • Software setup & support / third-party application support
  • Printer installation and support
  • System update configuration
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  • Centralized network management
  • Server system setup & configuration
  • Remote Access
  • VPN setup & configuration
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  • Email and Virus Protection
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • Internal user access management
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Data Management

  • Network bandwidth utilization
  • Mobile synchronization of email, calendar, & contacts
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Communications, Voice and Data Cabling
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  • Offsite Backup and disaster recovery
  • Web-based e-mail services
  • Document collaboration services
  • Website design
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